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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  September 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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guinness world record for the most hours on u.s. television. we will see what he is cooking up later this morning he will only do that once a month. tonight marks the season premiere of ""dancing with the stars the all-star edition." the 13 couples will perform in an effort to avoid being the first picked off the show. the guests include justin bieber and rapper spitball and the fun starts tonight at 8:00. -- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> there were distressed noises by the giant female panda.
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the panda cub has died. they hope to get some answers today about what went wrong. >> an emotional night in baltimore last night. ravens one but one player found out his brother had died. >> pepco customers are getting ready for trouble but from a contract negotiation. i am greta kreuz. >> i'm steve chenevy. we want to check in with jacqui jeras. we have a chilly start this morning. >> we've got a few clouds out there and that is holding our temperatures. we will take a peek out doors and show you that nice conditions of this morning. you want a jacket or sweater but by this afternoon you will take off again. we have some 40's this morning. we've got 50 in fredericksburg
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and 57 at reagan national. we will have 63 by 9:00 with mostly sunny skies and 71 degrees at 5:00. we have rain in the seven-day forecast and we will tell you about that but let's look at traffic. >> good morning we'd like to mention that if you're heading out and travel on the red line metro, in bethesda, all the escalators are down. there are mechanical problems. the station is open. keep in mind, the escalators are down. we are tracking your drive on monday morning heading in on i- 95 in virginia and is building quickly. we're starting to see some bright lights making the drive from route 3 up to dale city. as you pass lorton, you will be on the brakes with an 18-minute drive.
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delays of 95 in maryland. -- no delays in maryland 95. >> hoping to learn more about why the little baby panda cub suddenly died. it shocked the world that had celebrated the birth. it is tragic because we waited so long. >> we have waited many years. it was something that the zoo keepers did not think would happen. we stood here last monday reported the good news and there was excitement at the zoo. it was distressed noises by the female giant panda early sunday morning that alerted the step that something was terribly wrong. >> i don't know why. i don't know what happened but it is sad because my daughter would have loved to see it. >> the panda was not nathan was conceived -- was not named in
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was conceived by artificial insemination. >> she had tears. >> despite no obvious signs of trauma, the cub was not breathing. experts try to revive her but no avail. it is a major blow. >> every panda cub is important because this species is endangered. >> this is the sixth panda to die at the national zoo. zoo keepers performed their version of an autopsy last night. we will have a report on that in a 10:00 press conference. >> we hope we will get some answers. police are trying to piece together what caused a car crash that left one woman dead and
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four other people hurt. police engage this burg said the two-car crash happened at 8:00 last night on great seneca highway. the road was closed for much of the night while an action reconstruction team investigated. the driver's identity has not been released. a motorcycle crash has claimed the life of baltimore ravens starke corey smith policy under brother. the teenager was wearing a helmet and police did not suspect alcohol played a role. the crash is under investigation. >> despite the tragedy tory smith decided to play sunday night. he had an unbelievable night with six catches and 127 yards and the ravens 131-30. >> i did not want to hurt my team.
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i am glad i came back out there. it helped me out a lot. >> he said he preaches there is support he received from his teammates and from fans. as cent -- they sent him encouraging messages on twitter. >> it was another frustrating weekends for redskins fans at the team, just short of a second straight week. they lost their home opener they kept a close but they never got it quite together. the offense had trouble with the quarterback getting sacked six times. players said they have to do better. >> when need to get a w on the stat sheet. every game is to go out to win. >> the redskins have lost seven
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in a row at home dating back to week two of last season them. >> the president goes to the united nations general assembly in new york, mitt romney and paul ryan are campaigning. mitt romney will be in colorado and paul ryan will be in ohio. south carolina governor nikki haley will speak at a women's rally this afternoon in sterling, virginia. >> in addition to taping an interview with first lady michelle obama for "the view, "the president has a new advertisement hitting the air. >> mitt romney continues as battleground state court in colorado as he tries to rebound from a terrible week. national polls show that -- say the white house race is tight but obama leads in the battleground states. in denver last night, mitt romney slammed the president's
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record. >> it is clear that we can afford four more years like the last four years. that is why we will get change filing in washington that the people of america deserve better when mitt romney arrives and ohio tomorrow, he will be greeted by a new tv ad from the obama campaign attacking the gop nominee for saying 47% of americans are dependent on the government and view themselves as victims. >> doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? >> as the campaign steps up efforts in battleground states, some in the republican party worry of the collection is slipping away. >> he has an inability to focus on their own essential meaning. >> president of bumblebee in the york today and tomorrow for the united nations general -- president obama will be in new york today and tomorrow for the united nations general assembly. >> f to the election season is over, i hope the spirit of
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cooperation comes to the fore. >> the president shot back at mitt romney's criticism that he has not stood up to syria and iran as saying that if governor romney suggest we start another war, he should say so. >> millions of hispanic voters may decide to stay away from the polls in november because of changes to voting laws. there will be a report today that says a new photo id laws are a requirement an average to remove non-citizens could stop as many as 10 million hispanics from casting ballots. both parties are trying to court hispanic voters. >> in iraq, a suicide car bombing has killed several schoolchildren. jummy olabanji is live with more. >> we don't have video of this because it is literally still going on. we know four iraqi children are dead this morning and 6 are wounded in a suicide car bombing
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that happened in anbar province west of baghdad. the blast happened hours ago preprimary school -- 9 million schoolchildren across the country began classes on the first day of their academic year which began yesterday. there is no word if there was any increased security in the area. we know that just yesterday iraqi officials say a bomb attached to a minibus killed three people in baghdad. we are watching everything happening in the middle east and we will bring you any updates. >> 6:10 and still ahead -- regis philbin is back on daytime television. >> the war on mosquitoes comes to maryland.
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>> we are here with a taste of d.c. coming to pennsylvania avenue this october 6 7, 8. you can visit us at taste of good morning washington. >> 6:13. if you're in anne arundel county mosquito control crews will be spraying. that stars and a little over one hour at 7:30. it is an effort to prevent west nile virus. it will also be done next monday. residents should stay indoors if you can. >> don't like looking at those. they look cute. >> they're not that big.
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>> jacqui jeras, how does a look out there? >> it will be a great day. mosquitos hate cold temperatures and dry weather. the weather is great for reducing the mosquito population. temperatures are starting out in the 40's and 50's. our network is showing lots of 40's. we've got some cloudiness and that is keeping our temperatures a little cooler than that it would be but that will be clearing out shortly and we will see a beautiful day. if you're traveling very little travel problems today. a couple of thunderstorms in miami and action toward salt lake city but otherwise not much expected. mostly sunny today 67-72 degrees and it will be another beautiful fall day. >> good morning, everyone.
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red line metro, be aware that the bethesda metro station is opened by your entrance escalators are out of service. folks driving on the rock creek parkway in bound, you will see some brake lights because of a stalled car at ohio drive. let's get a live look at traffic which is not too bad on inbound 395 from the belt way to the 14th street bridge. if traffic is heading toward you northbound in. springfield, the inner loop lions are starting to build and the pace is steady all the way to buy 66 per in down 66, no distractions but minor congestion. >> metro hours are being extended to night thanks to madonna.
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she is performing for a second night at the verizon center and that has the transit agency keeping the gallery place and judiciary square stations open one hour later. other stations will close their usual time. this came in handy because she went two hours late last night and the concert did not let out until well after midnight. >> i heard was a good show but you have to plan ahead. >> 6:15 and 55 degrees and coming up, and new look at house speaker cameras are doing. >> we will care from one of the families of the trips memorialized.
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>> the deadly attacks and libya are certain to be a topic of conversation today in new york. secretary of state hillary clinton is set to meet with the
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libyan president this afternoon. he is in the u.s. for the united nations meeting. this comes as his government celebrates a small victory over militia groups. one of the largest groups in tripoli has turned over its compound to government forces. militia groups have seen a fierce backlash in recent days. they played a part in the attack of ambassador christopher stephens earlier this month. mahmoud ahmadinejad is announcing -- denouncing the violent attacks that followed the release of the film that mocks the prophet mohammed. >> fundamentally, first of all and the action -- any action that is provocative offends their religious feelings of any people. likewise, we contend any kind -- likewise, we condemn any kind of extremism.
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>> he called the film and abuse of freedom. is expected to speak at the un later this week. >> soldiers were mishandled at the mortuary. some of this woman's husband remains may be buried. he was killed by an ied in iraq and it was a bill that remains of hundreds of soldiers were incinerated and disposal at the landfill. they are not honored by a bronze plaque there. >> the manner in which his remains will be handled will never be okay with me but knowing that someone cares enough to remember him and the others who are here will give me some comfort as i go forward. >> she is pushing for a bill to create a commission charged with preventing a similar situation in the future. around montgomery county, a
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student was trying to cross apple ridge road when she was struck. the officer involved was responding to a fight that broke out every football game and the officer is on administrative leave. >> speed cameras appear to be making a difference on prince george's county road. there has been a drop in vehicle and pedestrian accidents since those cameras started appearing in august of 2011. since then, the cameras have generated 435,000 tickets and that has brought in more than $7 million. credit said the cameras are just a tool to make money. >> 55 degrees right now and we will look at the weather. >> it is the coolest part of the day but it will warm up. the sun is already trying to come up.
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look at the tendering skies we have. isn't that a beautiful picture? we have 57 degrees at reagan national. we are a little: you conceive of 40's on the map. we've got 48 at dulles airport. 45 degrees in winchester. a couple of counties are off to -- off to our west are under freeze advisories. we will be a little cooler today. skies will be clearing out throughout the day and high pressure is dominating. the wind is rotating in a clockwise position and that is ushering in the cooler conditions. mostly sunny skies today are high between 67-72 degrees.
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tonight, skies will be mostly clear and even a little cooler tomorrow morning 32-50 degrees and the seven-day forecast shows a chance of showers by wednesday as temperatures warm up. it will cool back down at the end of the week but temperatures will be in the 70's this weekend feeling pretty nice. that is your forecast, let's check on traffic. >> good morning everyone, it is pretty uneventful for more arrests in maryland on inbound 50 on the john hanson highway. also on the baltimore-washington parkway. the southbound lanes from 32 are starting to fill up. we take a live look at traffic on the beltway moving through montgomery and prince george's county. we see a few brake lights through the green belt region on the inner light -- inner loop.
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a little bit slow for you near new hampshire avenue making your way through montgomery county. the biggest gemma southbound to 70, a line of traffic as you make the drive from frederick on southbound 270 having passed clarksburg. that is the latest in traffic. >> thank you. contract talks between pepco and the union are at an impasse. they're worried that the first strike in 27 years could soon happen. pepco presented what it called its last best, and final offer to union leaders last week. union leaders will vote of this wednesday. union leaders are urging members to reject it. >> apple fans are being told that if you don't have the iphone 5, you will need to wait. >> good morning a slight drop in gas prices, not much but it
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is a start for the national average is now $3.80 per gallon. apple stores are all but out of the new iphone 5 after the first weekend. sales were better than expected. the files are still available on the apple web site but not for immediate delivery. trader joe's is recalling a house brand of peanut butter. there are no confirmed reports of contamination from salmonella. there is a virtual tie at the box of us on a quiet weekend. each of the film's token $13 million. >>
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at 800.974.6006 tty/v. >> it appears that siblings in alabama wanted to everything together. they both the birth of their baby as last week, four hours apart and it turns out that the sisters conceived on the same day. they surprised to each other with the news on the same day and they had a ball sharing their pregnancy along the way. >> we were in labor at the same time but she went first obviously. we were due last sunday.
6:29 am
we had our babies honor due date. >> the doctor says this was a first for him as well. congratulations. >> the time is 6:29 and still have another half an hour to go. >> arnold schwarzenegger opens up about the moment he confessed to maria shriver that he had
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> 6:31, good morning washington, it is monday september 24. >> let's check in with meteorologists-jacqui jeras. >> we have a classic fall sun rise. if you are not next your tv set, come and take a look because it is so beautiful. the temperature is 57 degrees. take a look at the other temperatures across the region -- 48 degrees at dulles. it is kind of a nippy start but skies will be clearing and a son will be out and 71 degrees or will give way to a high of 72 degrees. >> in the next few minutes, had up because the bethesda metro
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station on the red line station is open but the entrance escalators are out of service. around the beltway we're not seeing major contests and, just volume delays from college park into montgomery county. in virginia on 66, heavy volume delays for your monday morning drive as we look traffic on 66. there are a couple of cars on the shoulder their. there are volume delays for the most part. the heaviest traffic is starting in manassas going through centreville as you make your way through vienna to sycamore street. >> investigation is under way on an early-morning house fire that started in a basement in temple hills a couple of hours ago. everybody got out ok but the fire caused damage to the house but no word on how it started.
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>> it has been a roller-coaster week at the national zoo has a new baby panda cub born a week ago has now died. john gonzalez is at the zoo in northwest washington with the latest. >> a major blow not only to the national zoo but for this endangered species. we understand there are only about 2000 pandas worldwide. this panda died early sunday morning, six days after it was born. there were no obvious signs of trauma or infection. pamela baker with the zoo is here with me now. the zoo has tried for many years to get the appended to become pregnant so this must be difficult there is a large group of people that were from the reproduction issues of this is a devastating loss. >> getting in to check on the
6:35 am
little cub must've been a challenge. >> there is a series of protocols that my colleagues put into procedure. first they observe on the pan the camera and have to make a series of decisions and then they have to go into the den to retrieve the cup safely. there are some bars that protect them from the bear. >> how is the mother doing today? >> she slept well overnight and they still look at her on camera. she is a 24-hour watch so we will monitor for closely. >> thank you and we're sorry again. there is a somber mood at the national zoo. this is the sixth panda to died here at the zoo since the early 1980's. an autopsy was performed late last night and the results will be told to was in a 10:00 press conference later this morning. >> in the day ahead, a father
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accused of leaving his young daughter home alone for more than one day is scheduled to go on trial today. he is facing child endangerment charges after a two-year-old girl was found at an apartment in september. the apartment was filthy and she was dehydrated. police got a call from a mother. as southeastern virginia woman has been accused of abandoning a newborn. she left her daughter of a swampy area near newport news and someone walking by and heard the child and founder and the little girl was only one week old and the mother is child with neglect but the child was not hurt. >> the d.c. council hold a public hearing on proposed rules for uber-sudan services. it calls for companies to have at least 20 vehicles and dispatch services have to have offices in the district. officials said the rules are
6:37 am
designed to shut down competitors in d.c. cab -- taxicabs. an institution and bethesda is about to close. to the dismay of longtime customers. eastham's exxon service center has been a landmark. the classical station which began pumping gas and gas was 20 cents for gas and is ready to close for good. it is the victim of progress. there will be history and from remember is of the building tonight on the news at 5:00. >> would like to bring back 20 cents per gallon. it is 6:37 and still ahead, a complete wrapup on the big [ romney
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>> it seems there is it ranking for anything you can come up with. forbeses out with its list of the most hipster neighborhoods in america. giulio "-- jummy olabanji has more. >> being a hipster is a neighborhood that is full of a lot of hip people.
6:41 am
forbes and next released their list. forbes says they looked at several factors including neighborhood walks ability, the number of coffee shops and food trucks in the neighborhood, and the number of locally owned bars and restaurants and a percentage of residents who work and artistic occupations. here is the top five -- silver lake is in los angeles at number 1, #two is the mission district in san francisco number 3 is williamsburg which is a neighborhood in brooklyn, new york four is a neighborhood in chicago, five is portland, and number six is a neighborhood in d.c.. . you can guess which one it is. >> we'll get somebody mad. >> there is a lot of it never as in d.c. i will say columbia heights?
6:42 am
>> noma? >> nice try. they are all good guesses but number 6 on the list is the h street corridor. number 8 on the list is capitol hill but it is not our capitol hill. it is a neighborhood in seattle washington. we want to know which neighborhood you think across our area is the hippest. go to or are facebook page 2 weigh in. >> that makes sense. >> the time is 6:42 and time to get the latest on the weather. >> it is a beautiful morning. i can't get enough of our tower cam. we are recording the time lapse that adam caskey will have at
6:43 am
the noon hour. look at that sandwich of aren't in the picture today. 51 degrees in arlington and 48 in chantilly. we will get rid of the clouds and see mostly sunny skies this afternoon with their high temperature between 67-72 degrees and we will gradually warmed up with a chance of a rain shower. a beautiful forecast all around. >> good weather and good traffic for the most part. there is a report of one accident at dale boulevard and route 1 for a crash. there are minor delays there. no surprises getting through virginia on 95 this morning from del city to the beltway. this is a live look at 95.
6:44 am
making your wife and the springfield interchange pass seminary road is quite heavy. -- making your way past the springfield interchange past seminary road is quite heavy. >> 6:44 and still to come -- the moment arnold schwarzenegger came clean about his affair. >> plus, "homeland"
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>> arnold schwarzenegger is coming clean about the affair the end of his marriage to maria shriver. his new memoir comes out next week. he writes about the moment is what confronted him about
6:47 am
fathering a child with their housekeeper. he wrote betty hid that child because he was embarrassed and he did not want to tell her family. >> it was a night of the glitz glamour, and golden los angeles for the annual emmy awards. >> " homeland" there were fans of the series "homeland." daniel lewis won best actor but he said he is not much for competition. >> i don't think you should judge. i am delighted to be a winner but i have been to lots of awards ceremonies where five guys get nominated and five guys walk away with a trophy and that would be my preference. >> claire danes is happy to know that she has -- the show has won high park ridge -- high-profile fans like president obama.
6:48 am
>> it means so much to us. we are stupefied by that fact that he tunes and consistently. >> "modern family"added awards but especially by julie bowen. >> obviously, we don't pretend to be important in the with the national and international matters are but i love that both ann run the and michelle obama say "modern family is their favorite show. there is a place where people can sit down and the couch and come together. lapping is the only thing that matters. >> eric stonsteet takoma his second emmy. >> i am proved that if you stick with this and show up and be prepared that you can stand on stage and when a trophy. it is just that simple. >> the winners for lead female
6:49 am
comedian went to julia louis dreyfuss and and a big surprise, jon cryer. >> did not think for a minute this would happen. >> to celebrate the new fall season they are giving away $200 gift baskets. >> that sounds like a great deal. you have until 6:00 p.m. each day to go to our facebook page to sign up. congratulations to our first winner this morning. it is not bonnie wood. thanks much for watching, we will be giving away one basket every day this week. >> too bad we can't compete.
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a beautiful morning out there. >>sunrise at this time of the year is great. let's look at that sky cam. we're just that at sunrise eight minutes away from that with air temperature at 67 degrees. we have that nice little cloud deck that will be going away. our temperatures is around 57 degrees downtown. we have some frost advisers off to our west. we did not quite get there. 59 degrees is our average low and yesterday we were at 55. the clouds are coming in with the little disturbance to our north and a couple of sprinkles are trying to pop up but they will not make it here. high pressure will be dominant
6:51 am
and that will control our weather the next couple of days. the temperatures are a little bit cooler for today with that northwesterly breeze. mostly sunny skies today 67-72 and tonight, mainly clear skies and colder tomorrow morning 42- 50 degrees and a seven-day forecast shows you a beautiful week ahead with temperatures in the middle of the week going higher and a chance of rain on wednesday as well. let's check on traffic with angelo. >> it is getting busier out there this morning. emergency personnel have arrived on the scene of the accident at the dale boulevard and route 1. in maryland, another crash reported on branch avenue at suitland parkway which is a motorcycle crash and we are expecting delays behind that on the beltway, we are seeing brake lights. if you make your way on the
6:52 am
outer loop pastor route 5, often on delays and here is a look at the american legion bridge which is pretty good in terms of lane closures. we're starting to see heavy traffic come off of 270. the bell with your montgomery county has outer loop delay is over the northwest branch. >> 6:52 and monday express's coming up next. >> we will have a live roundup of today's top stories.
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>> time for the monday express' -- >> john gonzales is love at the national zoo. >> just six days after the new panda cub was born at the national zoo sadly, it has died per its distress calls from the mother alerted zookeeper's that something was terribly wrong sunday morning. no obvious signs of trauma or infection. the zoo's version of an autopsy was conducted last night and we should have the results later this morning. >> we are following some issues with metro this morning. on the red line, expect residual delays from glenmont due to an earlier track malfunction. also the bethesda station escalators are out of service.
6:56 am
bosses have been requested and the station remains open. >> here is our forecast for this monday. >> it will be great we have a little clout in this but we will warn of throughout the day 71 degrees at 5:00 for the drive home and a high of 72 degrees. the forecast shows that temperatures will warm up progressively through wednesday where we have a chance of showers and we could see some rain on friday. overall, 70's across the board. >> we only get a couple of weeks like this per year and you are here at a good time. keep it right here "good morning america"is the next. >> we will see you at noon.
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